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About American Steel Trading

Our mission is to provide the strongest distribution within the flat rolled steel industry

American Steel Trading will call on long lasting relationships with global producing mill sources to provide, quality, competitive pricing, and availability for any spot steel requirements or program needs.


At AST we take immense pride in driving the standards for steel distribution forward. Our years of experience with product knowledge, processing capabilities, quality control, reliability, and market standards makes a leader in our field.


AST continually searches the industry, for improvements and knowledge, in all aspects of distribution, processing, new products, and applications to ever changing demands.


AST will fill all Flat Rolled steel requirements to the exacting specifications of our customers, tested and certified.


AST will provide all steel to specification processed in our centers delivered on time, all the time.

When price counts and quality matters

We are focused on customer satisfaction

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Providing a Wide Range of Products

Hot rolled, cold rolled & coated steel. Low carbon to High Strength.